Doremi to Debut New HD Cross-converter

At the NAB Show, Doremi Labs will introduce the GHX-10 HD video cross-converter which features HDMI, DVI and SDI connectors that can convert any input to any output format or scan rate. The GHX-10 HD employs 12-bit bicubic interpolation to ensure picture quality.

Other advanced features include audio support, sync output and genlock. The GHX-10 also offers dual-link SDI and 3 Gbps SDI connectors for 4:4:4 2K film resolution.

The GHX-10 can be used as a computer DVI to HD-SDI converter, an HDMI resolution converter, or as a HD video upconverter or downconverter, and much more. The GHX-10 supports up to eight channels of AES, HDMI and SDI audio. The audio can be embedded or de-embedded to the separate AES BNC connectors or delayed to match the video.

A two-line LCD display and scroll wheel simplify navigation through the GHX-10’s menus. A USB connection for remote operation and an infrared remote control are also provided. Firmware can be upgraded via a micro SD card or via USB.

The GHX-10 provides high-quality upconversion and downconversion of video and audio between standard definition SDI and HD-SDI video. In addition to the video, audio and VANC data can also be converted.

The GHX-10 can be used to convert from one DVI or HDMI scan rate to another to better match the native resolution of a video display. For example, a 1280x800 scan rate can be converted to 1920x1200 and vice versa.

Doremi Labs will be at Booth SU6026.