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Doremi Shines With Gear for Top-Flight Video

Doremi will brighten IBC2008 with its latest tools for digital cinema and 3D video and the processing products to bring it all together.

New from the company is its GHX-10 HDMI and SDI cross-converter with genlock and audio support. It has HDMI, DVI, and SDI connections for conversion of any input to any output format or scan rate. It supports SD, HD and 2K video and employs 12-bit bicubic interpolation for a high-quality picture.

Features also include sync output as well as dual-link SDI and 3 Gbps SDI connections for 4:4:4 2K film. Applications include computer DVI-to-HD-SDI conversion, HDMI or DVI resolution conversion, HD/SD video up- and downconversion and more. It supports up to eight channels of AES, HDMI and SDI audio, embedded or de-embedded to separate AES BNC connectors, or delayed to match the video.

Doremi GHX-10 cross-converter It also brings a two-line LCD display and scroll wheel for simplified navigation through the GHX-10's menus. It has a USB connection for remote operation and an infrared remote control.

Also new from Doremi, the GHX-3D supports the TI DLP TV 3D technology used in TVs from Samsung and Mitsubishi that display 3D in sequential mode at 120Hz. It accepts regular 3D input from two HD-SDI links and delivers proprietary TI 3D format on DVI.

The DoremiAM asset manager allows users to import universal media files to a wide range of Doremi players and servers. The XP/Vista PC software is available free to Doremi customers and operates with many file types and coding formats for the automated Gigabit transfer of media files.

It allows setting up media file imports that include conversion into the native formats of Doremi servers such as NTSC, PAL, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, and 2K. Once the conversion is done, transfers can proceed to complete the whole plug-and-play transfer process.

Doremi will also bring NuggetPost HD, its new video player, designed for post production applications that require a standalone video playback device with comprehensive media file format support. It includes Sony 9-pin control for variable speed and frame-accurate playback of HD and SD video with jog and shuttle.

The company is also enabling the viewing of 4K video with a 50-inch 4K-native (3920x2160) Astro screen, with video delivered by Doremi's DSV-J2 MB-4K Player, based on the company's digital cinema technology.

Doremi will give a presentation Sunday, Sept. 14, at 11 a.m. at the RAI Theatre, including exhibition of the 2008 version of its DCP-2000 Digital Cinema Player, with over 6,000 units installed worldwide. The latest DCP-2000 includes content re-scheduling based on the new Play-Ingest feature on the Doremi LMS server, plus an embedded "media manager" that can ingest more than a dozen media file formats, as well as other enhancements.

Doremi will be at Stand 10.B10.