DK-Technologies Upgrades DK Meter

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK: DK-Technologies has added new software to enhance user experience and improve the performance of its DK Meter line, which launched at the 2012 NAB Show.

The company has also released a new user guide that reflects this change and advises all DK Meter distributors, dealers and customers to visit where they can download both the new guide and the latest version of the software, (V.2011-12-06).

The portable Compact Audio Loudness Meter (CALM) is no bigger than a smart phone and comes in two versions—the stereo DK1 and the 5.1 surround sound DK2. Both versions are can be poweredfrom a computer USB port, making them ideal for location recording. They accept digital audio inputs and are supplied with all known loudness measurement recommendations as well as the standard DK-Technologies meter scales. As they use the same software as DK’s existing products, there are no technical issues when switching between a DK Meter and one of the larger meters in the company’s range which provides facilities for loudness logging.

“The new DK Meter is exactly what the industry has been waiting for - an affordable audio metering solution that not only delivers conventional metering but also ITU, EBU R128 and ATSC-compliant loudness metering at the same time, on the same display and in a single box,” said Richard Kelley, sales and marketing director for DK.