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DK-Technologies launches PT0700R at NAB

At last week’s NAB Show, DK-Technologies launched the PT0700R remote client panel. The unit allows engineers to access the facilities of the PT0760M HD/SD multichannel video waveform monitor and the entry-level PT0710M from an entirely different location. With this unit in place, an engineer in one location can see exactly the same audio and video display as the engineer in the master control room. Engineers using the remote client panel can independently access all the facilities of the PT0760M without interrupting the use at the master location.

The client panel offers the same high-quality display as the PT0760M/PT0710M and gives users access to a set of soft keys that replicate those on the main unit. Both the PT0760M and the PT0700R display can be independently controlled, allowing for either identical or individual display of video and/or audio signals at both locations.

A simple DVI interface between host and client is provided. The unit follows a standard interface protocol, allowing any DVI/DCC interface to extend the distance between the remote and master units. As the PT0700R has the same footprint as the PT0760M, it can also be fitted alongside the master unit, thus providing a second metering position with individual controls.