Digital Vision Unveils New 8-Core Workstation for Nucoda Software

Digital Vision has introduced its new 8-core, 4-processor workstation color correction system.

The new platform incorporates 64-bit AMD dual core opteron processors and nVIDIA graphics processing units. The workstation supports real-time 4k color correction--and works in 2k--HD and SD resolutions. It supports data-centric I/O, as well as 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 SD and HD video I/O. The Nucoda system enables the platform to process files stored on a SAN--project data does not have to be moved into a local environment.

Digital Vision President Robert Ekstrom said that the new platform gives colorists speed, and that the single workstation technology multiples the speed of the system tenfold.

Boxx Technologies is the system integrator for the new platform.