Digital Rapids unveils C2 and MediaMesh RX

Digital Rapids unveiled two solutions for the delivery of media and data files between content owners, creators, collaborators and distribution partners. New features in the Digital Rapids C2 data delivery software include support for unicast, multicast and hybrid distribution models, and a flexible architecture supporting dynamic deployments with exceptional cost-effectiveness. The new MediaMesh RX appliance, introduced as a technology preview, receives and repurposes media and associated data from centralized distribution sources, forming the ideal endpoint for syndicated delivery of ad spots through long-form content to broadcast affiliates and distribution partners.

The C2 is designed to overcome the performance limitations typical in IP-based networks, which limit the speed, reliability and efficiency of these transfers to a fraction of their potential. It streamlines the transfer of media files between contribution, collaboration and distribution points, transferring media and data files to multiple destinations securely, reliably and with a speed advantage over standard file transfer technologies like FTP.

Its flexible network topology allows transfers to be performed simultaneously between multiple points in parallel, maximizing efficiency when transferring files to multiple recipients. Transparent recovery enables transfers to resume automatically from intentional or unexpected connectivity interruptions. Transfers can be initiated from an easy desktop client, watch folders or a new Web Services API, with delivery confirmation receipts providing proof of successful transfer. The C2 supports multiple distribution models to take advantage of available network capabilities, from unicast Internet delivery to multicast-enabled networks, satellite-based transmission and hybrid architectures.

MediaMesh RX, the new media receiving appliance, provides robust functionality at the endpoint of the digital distribution chain. Features such as verified receipt, visual Quality Control verification, inventory management, transfer to broadcast servers, print-to-tape and play-to-air are tightly integrated in an intuitive graphical interface. Transcoding and repackaging capabilities allow received media to be repurposed and conformed to local requirements "at the edge" of the content distribution pipeline, eliminating the need for distributing numerous variants. The combination of C2 and MediaMesh RX enables ad spots, promos, paid programming, syndicated shows, long-form and digital cinema content to be distributed to affiliates and distribution partners efficiently, automatically and at a cost savings.

MediaMesh RX works seamlessly alongside Digital Rapids' ingest, encoding and transcoding solutions to form complete workflows from ingest through delivery. It can also be easily incorporated with third-party systems through open standards, workflow features such as watch folders and Web Services APIs for custom development.