Digital Rapids to introduce CarbonHD 1.0 software

At IBC2005, Digital Rapids will unveil CarbonHD 1.0 software for the company’s DRC-5500 capture hardware.

The DRC-5500 hardware found inside the CarbonHD has been shipping with StreamZHD software for HD/SD ingest and transcoding since early in the second quarter of 2005.

CarbonHD is a new software application bundled with the hardware to add playout capabilities and DDR functionality. Carbon 1.0 features include:

  • Ingest HD or SD SDI video and embedded SDI audio or AES audio
  • Format convert on the fly during ingest from any format to any format (e.g., 1080i to 720p)
  • Frame accurate deck capture or crash recording
  • Create playlist with multiple clips
  • Edit in and out points of clips in the play list
  • Play to SDI output and/or VGA output
  • Print to tape
  • Format convert on the fly to any format during play out
  • Export to a unified clip (MXF, MPEG, WM9, QuickTime, Real, AVI, Flash)

CarbonHD is expected to begin shipping November 2005.

See Digital Rapids at IBC2005 stand 7.641, or visit

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