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Digital Nirvana develops new broadcast monitoring system

Digital Nirvana’s MonitorIQ 2.2 Broadcast Monitoring System includes a new REST API that allows broadcasters to easily develop Web applications.

The new device provides finer-grained access to a wide range of MonitorIQ capabilities and lets an application control the user experience. All resources and operation exposed by the REST API are accessible through URLs. Simple or complex Web applications can be easily developed using scripting languages such as Ruby, Python, Php, Perl or any other language that can use REST.

MonitorIQ 2.2 will allow users to integrate multiple parts of its organization at various locations to comment and collaborate — creating smooth, cost-efficient workflows. The API allows third-party Web app developers and solution providers to create applications that can leverage all the numerous features of MonitorIQ, such as recording, searching and the cut clip capability.

Users can include the MonitorIQ Frame Editor after receiving an HD feed where the API segments the recording and feeds that into an encoding server such as Rhozet’s Carbon Coder, or a cloud-based service such as, to publish content in multiple formats supported by these platforms.