Digital Anarchy Premieres New Transcribing Website

(Image credit: Digital Anarchy)

SAN FRANCISCO—Digital Anarchy has launched, a speech-to-text web service that uses AI and natural speech processing to perform transcriptions. (opens in new tab) is part of Digital Anarchy’s family of intelligent transcript, search and collaboration tools for video production. Through the website, users can upload media and transcribe or sync existing transcripts; users can share transcripts with others for collaboration; users are able to export captions and subtitles for use in any video editing application, as well as plain and rich text files for paper edits; words can be assigned a timecode for user to jump to the matching time in a video; there is a simplified text editor; and speaker management features allow for the addition or removal of speakers from the transcripts and assigning of names.’s AI technology enables linguistic support for more than 70 unique languages and natural language processing. The web service is rooted with Digital Anarchy’s Transcriptive plug-in with Adobe Premiere Pro integration.

Digital Anarchy is providing multiple payment plans for, including a monthly ($19/month) or annual ($160/year) subscriptions that allow for transcribing, editing, exporting captions or text files and the ability to share transcripts. There is also a free transcribe-only plan for Transcriptive-Premiere Pro users and a free, entry-level review-only plan for users who need to look at a file sent to them by a Transcriptive-Premiere Pro user.

An updated Transcriptive plug-in, v2.5, has also been announced by Digital Anarchy.

For more information, visit (opens in new tab).