Digital Alert Systems introduces R198

Digital Alert Systems has rolled out its R198 multichannel AES switch/converter, which converts an incoming analog source to digital AES audio and distributes it to four different AES switches. The R198 enables users to convert a stereo analog signal into AES and seamlessly switch it in and out of four other AES program streams, making the solution ideal for older Emergency Alert Systems (EAS) without native AES support and for facilities looking to add digital program streams.

In a 1RU chassis, the R198 integrates functionality that otherwise could require up to seven separate products, including an A-to-D converter, a four-channel distribution amp, four seamless AES switches, and a network control module. In replacing these systems, the unit eliminates wiring mazes, lowers rack-space requirements, and reduces the number of necessary power supplies and connections.

The R198 features a built-in Web server and, therefore, can be configured and operated from any standard Web browser on any standard platform. Once the system is configured, each channel switch on the R198 is controllable over a standard TCP/IP network connection or via GPIs, making it easy to use over a network or directly interfaced with other broadcast equipment such as automation and older EAS gear. When the R198 is coupled with a Digital Alert Systems DASDEC emergency messaging platform, all the channel control is accomplished over a simple TCP/IP network connection.