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Digigram CANCUN 442-Mic high-end USB sound card on tap for BroadcastAsia2013

Built on a long tradition of no-compromise sound cards, housed in an ultra-robust yet stylish casing, and embedding smart mixing and effects on a powerful dual-core engine, the Digigram CANCUN 442-Mic, to be showcased at BroadcastAsia2013, is the toolbox for which reporters and on-the-go audio professionals have been waiting.

Four excellent mic preamps worthy of high-end digital consoles; a professional level of +25dBu max; simultaneous analog and AES/EBU support; and latency below 4ms on both Mac OS and Windows platforms are just some of the high-quality features offered by the CANCUN 442-Mic. The CANCUN 222-Mic offers the same rich capabilities and features in a two-input/two-output model. Both devices are designed with an attractive yet durable touch panel (with LED lights hidden beneath the surface) and are built to high specifications, offering high processing power for zero-latency mixing, and USB audio 2.0 Class-compliant streaming for Mac OS and iOS apps.

In stand-alone mode, CANCUN simultaneously provides high-quality mic preamps and A/D and D/A converters. A companion software application presents all relevant information (gain values, VU meters, locks, etc.) in a no-fuss fashion. Neutrik XLR connectivity and breakout cables are included.