Digidesign now shipping new software

Digidesign is now shipping its Pro Tools 7.4 software for Mac and Windows, previewed at the recent AES show. The upgrade offers improved interoperability with Avid video editing along with many other improvements for both music and post-production environments.

Pro Tools 7.4 software offers a number of new features for use with Pro Tools HD, LE and M-Powered environments. Of particular interest is integration into the Avid workflow. Avid's video satellite option enables easy video sync with Pro Tools HD 7.4 by using Avid’s new Media Station PT 2.7 software on a separate computer. This eliminates time-consuming video exports while removing video processing burdens on the HD software. In addition, the new Pro Tools HD upgrade offers Avid Unity Isis streaming, so Windows XP users can record and play audio and video directly from qualified Avid ISIS shared storage systems. The new Pro Tools software also offers a feature called elastic time, which makes it easy to change the tempo and timing of dialog, loops and music files.

Licensed Pro Tools users can upgrade to 7.4 software either for free or at a minimal cost based on their particular software setup and order history. Digidesign is an Avid Technology company.

For more information, visit www.digidesign.com.