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Dielectric Releases DASP Software Version 7.0

RAYMOND, MAINE—An updated version of the Dielectric Antennas Systems Planning software for TV systems is now available, per a press release from the company. Version 7 is web-based and is accessible as a free online service through Dielectric’s website.

The new DASP version offers an interactive user interface and reduces the proposal development timeline for proposal engineers. Users can match the antenna’s design to specific technical parameters, including polarization, elevation and azimuth patterns, and transmission line requirements via DASP’s antenna database. The system’s smart menus and inherent logic then prevent users from selecting incompatible options.

Designs can be based on either ERP or TPO, as well as having the option to toggle between the two options. With the addition of vertical polarization, different elliptical polarizations can be tested, including 60/40 or 70/30 split between horizontal and vertical, of a full CP 50/50 circular polarization. The new version also features multi-lingual capability, with support for Spanish, Portuguese and German.

Through DASP’s online environment users can access the FCC database, input station call letters and import FCC file patterns. Users can explore design options, rotate the pattern for different perspectives, and experiment with gains, powers and polarization. The system also allows users to export files in multiple file formats that can be transferred directly to the FCC. Once plans are ready, users can print out the summary or send them directly to Dielectric engineers; Dielectric proposal engineers can then expedite the order.