Dielectric announces new LPTV digital antennas, filters

Dielectric Communications is launching a line of digital antennas and filters targeting low-power television (LPTV) broadcasters.

The new product family is designed to provide a cost-effective and easy-to-install solution for LPTV broadcasters in advance of the January 2010 FCC open filing window for digital LPTV stations and translators — the first in 11 years.

The product line will enable LPTV and DTS broadcasters, as well as translators and boosters, to optimize their digital coverage with an input power rating of up to 2kW. The antennas will offer low weight and wind load, and they are designed to operate on channels in the frequency band of 470MHz to 860MHz. The simple yet stringent mask filter options will be tunable and rack-mountable and also will provide an input power rating of up to 2kW.