Diaquest unveils QueManager graphics order management software for newsroom use

Diaquest Products has introduced QueManager, a software add-on that provides a graphics order management system for Apple Final Cut Server 1.5 in newsroom applications.

QueManager offers easy access to the most needed tools for asset searches and browsing as well as order requests, job assignment, review and approval, and publishing.

QueManager provides a Web-based order system that can be integrated with Avid iNews or ENPS newsroom computer systems via plug-ins. Asset searches and order requests are done from a simple GUI in the QueManager plug-in or a Web browser. The system can be set to operate based on deadlines or a broadcast schedule, coordinate multiple stations within one system, and automatically deliver approved graphics.

Once reviewed and approved, assets are automatically transcoded (if necessary) and delivered to a variety of output devices. QueManager offers support for several broadcast CG systems, including Avid TitleDeko HD, Pixel Power and Chyron.