DBi Rolls Out Fifth Generation MediaFire

GAINSEVILLE, Fla.—DBi has pulled the curtain back on the latest iteration of its automated master control software, the MediaFire G5.

Now in its fifth generation, the MediaFire G5 is designed to ensure all aspects of the master control chain work together, from file import and ingest to archiving, playout and full interlace with existing equipment; this includes external devices.

Upgrades in this latest iteration include TruePlay, which automatically scales and cross converts content on the fly to reduce file transcoding. There is also FastFile, a workflow that enables supported file delivery systems to transfer content in their native format up to seven times faster than in real time, per DBi. True Redundancy, meanwhile, includes hardware and mirrors content across all servers for fail-safe operation.

Entirely new elements to MediaFire G5 is DBi’s graphics system capable of multi-layered 2D graphics in 3D space, including opens, bumpers, snipes, crawls, lower thirds and data-driven graphics. Graphic elements are integrated into the G5 system under full automation control.

Other features include automated schedule record, auto QC, remote access and multiple playlist, inventory and channel views.