DaySequerra unveils mobile TV loudness control

DaySequerra has introduced what the company is calling “the world’s first mobile TV loudness control designed especially for openGear 2RU modular frames.” The DaySequerra MTV4ST mobile DTV audio processor simultaneously measures four stereo streams using industry-standard ITU-R BS.1770/1 and DTS Neural Loudness Control algorithms and applies proprietary loudness correction, which has been optimized for mobile TV, to each of the four channels.

President David Day noted that in designing the MTV4ST, his company needed to compensate for noisier listening environments as well as the limited-performance ear buds/headphones used. The MTV4ST uses DTS Neural technologies, which improve intelligibility at the lower bit rates of mobile DTV without “heavy-handed audio processing or stand-alone processors.” A single openGear 2RU frame can house up to 10 cards for 40 channels of mobile DTV audio processing. The MTV4ST is the latest of DaySequerra’s family of AudioXpress audio-processing modules based on the universal 72-pin SIMM module architecture.