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Dayang to introduce Redbridge series of PC/video cards

At NAB2007 next month in Las Vegas, Dayang will launch the Redbridge series of PC/video boards, which include SD/HD multichannel video and audio I/O cards for OEMs and developers.

The Redbridge cards are well suited for ingest/playout servers, graphics/CG servers, automation and master control systems, still stores and clip libraries. The cards support HD, SD, proxy and Web formats.

Features include 64MB on-board memory, single-slot PCI-32/64, 33/66MHz compliance, 3.3V signaling, an integral digital processor to transfer video and audio between on-board memory and computer host memory without CPU intervention, and two independent on-board compositors for live three-layer 10-bit mixing of component video and graphics. The Redbridge series is fully compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 and Adobe After Effects 7.0.

The series of boards includes:

  • Redbridge 1101 — an entry-level card with 525/625-line composite and YC I/O plus stereo microphone and line inputs, stereo line output and headphone audio monitor output;
  • Redbridge 1101D and 1101DA — 525/625 component and composite digital video and SDI boards, including direct and embedded audio;
  • Redbridge HD1101D and HD1101A — 1080i/720p versions of the 1101D and 1101DA, supporting HD-SDI as well as direct digital video and audio I/O.

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