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DAW PLUS provides compatibility testing

Léon Herbers has released DAW PLUS, a specialized service for digital audio workstations. DAW PLUS offers full compatibility testing of software and hardware as used in native digital audio workstations. This turnkey service tests all system elements, including hosts, plug-ins, DSP cards and both audio and MIDI interfaces, to ensure compatibility prior to installation. Every registered system element is tracked across updates and upgrades, allowing users to focus on their production and creativity rather than risk downtime caused by unexpected consequences of a change in configuration.

DAW PLUS offers three product versions. Personal QA is a one-time test of system specs, based on what the facility intends to use, and a full report with suggestions, issues and possible workarounds is generated. The subscription-based UpTime product does the same, differing in that for a full year, all updates and upgrades for the registered system and its components are automatically tested by DAW PLUS. The studio does not even need to know whether there is an update or upgrade — DAW PLUS will send the information proactively as it becomes available. In addition, DAW PLUS also offers preconfigured turnkey workstations including an UpTime subscription. These workstations are built by the German workstation supplier Xi-Machines, and DAW PLUS will install, test and configure the suggested software and hardware.

Léon Herbers is the former quality assurance manager for Steinberg, where he also worked as a product manager for the Nuendo line. He has also done product management and sales for high-end PC workstations, Apogee, Solid State Logic, Steinberg, Ableton, DTS and Abbey Road plug-ins, among others. He has established DAW PLUS as the final step in offering global customers worldwide a service and security that is independent from manufacturers, local distributor support or online forums.