DAS Releases DASDEC Software Upgrade

LYNDONVILLE, N.Y.—Digital Alert Systems has announced that it plans to release a new software upgrade for its DASDEC platforms for advanced EAS and Common Alerting Protocol messaging compliance. Version 3.0 of the software will help DAS be in compliance with the FCC’s new rules that become mandatory in July, the company says.

One of the new features of the software is the Alert Agent, which allows for the selective processing of alert messages from different sources. The tool is able to consolidate settings under Alert Nodes, providing controls for selective message-handling for each source, event and originator. Alert Nodes define specific actions based on event parameters and use a visual stacking order; they are also able to be managed directly within the browser.

The Alert Agent software is able to react to specific conditions to manage and control actions of the EAS system. This allows some alerts to be forward automatically, while others can be held for additional review.

Version 3.0 of Alert Agent supports Triveni Digital’s SkyScraper for data integration; it also features optional PureCAP and OmniLingual alert modules to expand its range of languages and capabilities. Additional features include a new integrated lexicon editor that allows users with premium text-to-speech voice modules to directly edit the lexicon.

DAS, which is a division of Monroe Electronics, will release version 3.0 of the software in April at a price of $495.