DALSA To Debut D-Cinema Camera

DALSA Corp. plans to introduce a digital cinematography camera at NAB 2003.

The DALSA camera has a 35mm film-sized, scientific-grade CCD image sensor designed specifically for cinematography. Offering 8-million pixel resolution, the camera offers four times the resolution of HDTV, according to the company. The camera also doesn't have a fixed frame rate.

"The top two concerns we uncovered among cinematographers regarding their reluctance to move from film to digital--next to resolution and dynamic range--were lensing and viewing systems," says Dave Litwiller, VP of marketing and business development. "We recognized early on that our camera had to incorporate standard 35mm PL mount cinema lenses and a precision reflex viewing system in order to ease adoption."

The company will also present a paper outlining the camera's specs at the Saturday, April 5 session of the SMPTE Digital Cinema Summit in Las Vegas.