Crystal Vision Ships M-CleanIt Profanity Delay System

Crystal Vision M-CleanIt
(Image credit: Crystal Vision)

WHITTLESFORD, U.K.—Crystal Vision has released M-CleanIt, the company’s profanity delay system that’s equally suited for IP and SDI environments.

Customizable for any workflow, M-CleanIt protects against video and audio profanity, offering a number of solutions, including clean switching to two different video sources or a web page—an HTML-based cover image or animation, blurring video, showing black or blue or color bars, muting individual audio channels and switching to another audio source. It is also possible to clean switch to the undelayed program, jumping ahead in time from the offensive content. Video and audio cleaning techniques can be combined, the company said.

All cleaning features can be configured and individually controlled, making it simple to customize M-CleanIt for each production. 

M-CleanIt gives operators time to react to an incident whether in an IP or SDI live stream. It offers up to 600 frames of delay—24 seconds in 1080i50, 20 seconds in 1080i59.94, 12 seconds in 720p50 and 1080p50 and 10 seconds in 1080p59.94 environments, it said. 

The M-CleanIt software app runs on the Marble-V1 media processor hardware, a card offering a powerful CPU/GPU processor as well as SDI and 10GbE IP network interface connections, which are housed in the Vision frame, the company said.

The company recommends using M-CleanIt with the SBB-4 smart button box with four big momentary buttons set to Mute A, Blur B, Switch to B and Switch to C by default. The box can be customized, it said.

Other control methods are available, including via the VisionWeb Control web browser software and the JSON and ASCII protocols, which can be used together with the SBB-4.

M-CleanIt also supports confidence monitoring by enabling one of its two outputs to show the Monitor output, which allows the user to monitor everything happening by simultaneously showing the Live Source A video, Cleanit Out video, Delayed Source A video, Source B video, Source C video, Event pending tally and Event active tally. Live Source A audio is also monitored, the company said.

Besides working in SDI environments, M-CleanIt supports IP workflows, including SMPTE ST 2022-6 and 2022-7. Support for SMPTE ST 2110 video, audio and data is planned for early 2021. The solution can also be used to integrate SDI into an IP environment or vice versa.

More information is available on the company’s website (opens in new tab).  

Phil Kurz

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