Critical Color Work Demands Flanders Monitors

Robbie Carman

SILVER SPRING, MD.—As a colorist, the image that I see is everything—all of my choices on how to color correct and grade footage, and even the opinion of my client on the work we’re doing, is based almost entirely on what appears on the monitor. In other words, color accuracy is everything, and accuracy is just one of the reasons that I trust Flanders Scientific monitors for my facility.

I was first introduced to Flanders in 2008 when I wanted to transition from an older CRT reference monitor to a flat panel reference display. After evaluating options from several big name manufacturers, I decided to give Flanders Scientific a look based on recommendations from colorists and facilities that I trust.

At first glance, the technical aspects of Flanders monitors were stellar: 8- and 10-bit panels, switchable color spaces, switchable gamma, built-in scopes, onscreen markers and nearly every connection you could want. When I compared the Flanders products to offerings from other companies, Flanders matched or exceeded the specs of every other monitor I was considering, and without any hidden or extra costs.

I gave Flanders a call to arrange a demo and in a short while they were at my facility. Yes, they came to me!

For the next several hours, we went over every detail of their monitors— from hardware and software to the smallest details of panel technology. I learned about Flanders’ dedication to constantly improving things for customers with free monitor software updates so that users can always have the latest features. I also learned that you can send your monitor back to the company and they will re-calibrate it, or rent you the equipment to calibrate it on your own. Speaking as a colorist, this is a huge deal and a very reassuring.

I can’t really imagine a larger company spending the time with a smaller shop such as mine to go through every aspect of their product and to demonstrate a “customer first” attitude in the way they do business. If you get an in-person demo from Flanders Scientific then you’ll understand exactly what I’m saying.

Based on this experience, I purchased my first Flanders monitor, and in the following years have acquired more Flanders monitors as we’ve grown.

As technology has changed, and more users have adopted Flanders products the team there has continued to improve not only the monitor software, but panel technology as well.

Recently, Flanders announced the release of two OLED monitors that provide the best black level of any monitor technology available. The company has also addressed their clients’ diverse needs with 7- and 9-inch field monitors, as well as 17-, 24-, 32- and 50-inch reference monitors. That’s quite a lineup.

Working in a part of postproduction that requires high accuracy, I can state with confidence that Flanders Scientific products meet an extremely high level of technical precision, and the quality of their products is outstanding.

Robbie Carman is a colorist and senior partner at Amigo Media and has more than 15 years of color grading experience. He may be contacted

For additional information, contact Flanders Scientific at 678-835-4934 or