CrestaTech Universal Broadband Receiver steps up choices for PCTV

Introduced at CES 2009, CrestaTech’s new CrestaTV Universal Broadband Receiver combines a programmable silicon receiver and software to offer a configurable tuner for free-to-air live analog or digital TV broadcasts, radio and GPS signals.

CrestaTV supports all major standards with a programmable analog IC and software-based signal processing. This allows OEMs to standardize on a single system design — although it has to be programmed for each broadcast standard — for all geographic regions, the company said, streamlining product design and deployment and reducing overall system costs.

The CrestaTV system includes the CTC-200/201 programmable RF and interface IC as well as multithreaded signal processing software. The total solution dissipates only 500mW of power under maximum load. Supported frequencies include 42MHz-864MHz and L1 band. OEMs can implement CrestaTV on PCIe cards for desktops and PCI mini-express cards or USB TV sticks for laptops.

The company offers a suite of companion software applications, including CrestaWare for fast channel-scanning, enhanced reception and TV and radio tower geolocation, as well as an open platform for the development of social media and user-generated content programs.

The CrestaTV Universal Broadband Receiver will be available for evaluation in the second quarter of 2009 and to consumers later in the year.

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