Cox Communications installs NDS set-top box testing solution

The NDS IEX system has been chosen by Cox Communications as its preferred automated set-top box (STB) testing solution.

Cox is replacing manual testing equipment with the automated IEX solution provided by NDS. After successfully testing an IEX server over the past year on the Scientific-Atlanta platform, Cox has decided to expand its automated testing program using IEX and to extend automation to include Motorola STBs as well.

The IEX solution combines hardware and software to automatically test all interactive applications on STBs operating in both cable and telecommunications environments. It connects to the STB and runs interactive applications, testing and rating their performance.

The system can test a wide range of interactive applications, from simply changing the channel to launching an electronic program guide (EPG), ordering a pay-per-view movie or playing an interactive game through your remote control.

The company said that human testing of these actions can often leave more room for error than an automated solution, so the IEX was developed to provide a more accurate and cost-effective option.

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