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coolux Opens Pandora’s Box Further

At IBC2008, coolux will unveil the latest in its Pandoras Box (PB) Media Server software.

New and enhanced features in Version 4.1 include the latest Pandoras Box Warp Engine, providing video processing capability with field and frame blending, and new HD and SD de-interlacing options on ultra-low-latency HD/SD-SDI input cards.

The PB Warp Engine is a unique image-shaping tool that allows complex objects to be projected onto almost any shape and surface. The output from multiple PB servers can be adjusted for real-time compositing and reproduction onto any curved or nonplanar screen.

PB Frame-Blending allows for video playback speed to be continuously adjusted in real time. To process slow-motion playback, new frames are calculated in real time to match the actual frame rate. Embedded audio is handled in real time as well, enabling the matching of audio and video.

The new HD and SD field-based de-interlacing function provides maximum resolution through computing and recalculating of all available fields. All fields are recalculated and blended in real time without losing resolution and preserving all fields and frames, allowing smooth video playback on progressive displays.

All Pandoras Box Media System products now include de-interlacing options for top-field, bottom-field, and field-blending, giving users the right tools to react to various video needs on the fly.

The Köln, Germany-based company will also show the Pandoras Box Switcher, a preset-based playback interface for live shows and events. It has eight submasters, each featuring eight individual presets and a fader, as well as go-buttons and programmable fade duration.

Deeper still in the box are PB Widgets (free downloadable applications) and the PB Widget Designer.

coolux will be at Stand 11.E80.