Cool Camera Gear develops eSATA cable for Red cameras

Cool Camera Gear has introduced a new cable that will dramatically speed the transfer of video made with Red cameras.

The R2E Lemo to eSATA cable bypasses the conventional FireWire 800/400 or USB 2.0 busses in favor of the much faster eSATA bus. Red users plug in their RED-Drive or RED-RAM using the original power adapter, then plug the Lemo end of the R2E cable into the drive and other end into a standard eSATA port.

Connectors on the cable are built to endure 5000 mating cycles. Polyurethane-braided outer casing ensures excellent cut through and abrasion resistance. The outer shielding and connectors provide enhanced EMI protection and improved durability required for mission-critical applications. The cable is quipped with Ferromagnetic core that chokes stray RF signals.

Cool Camera Gear is a new company offering accessories for video and film cameras. The cable is one of its first products.