Comprompter Plans Caption Central Multi Software

LA CROSSE, WIS.—Comprompter News and Automation is getting ready to release a new voice captioning software, the Caption Central Multi. This live captioning voice system is designed to support up to eight users in the same session, i.e. dual anchors, round table discussions and in-studio interviews.

The Caption Central Mutli features a Speech Engine that synchronizes to the spoken words within a reported two seconds of the time they are spoken. The software also identifies the name and title of the speaker. Spell-checking and context checking are used to select the most appropriate word when a conflict arises. Additional features include built-in 30 second voice training; a more than 300,000 word dictionary; the creation of custom vocabulary or common names, words and phrases;

Comprompter will offer the Caption Central Multi in either a four or eight speaker server system in a 4RU rack-mounted case with LAN switch, a USB serial adaptor and XLR to USB audio adaptor.