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Compix provides full branding functionality in portable, cost-effective CG system

Compix has launched the CompactCG, a portable CG that offers the specs and rich feature set of a full-size system in a rugged 1RU chassis. Built for mobile broadcast and OB vans, fly pack systems, multivenue use and other space-constrained applications, the CompactCG is an affordable stand-alone system that leverages the power of Compix's CG systems.

With the CompactCG, operators can take advantage of an unlimited variety and combination of logos, slates and other graphics with all the features and functionality of a full-sized system. The CompactCG meets a complete range of channel-branding and ID needs while occupying a very small footprint.

The CompactCG is both easy to install and use, providing automated, template-based graphics generation and real-time graphics overlay of live video in analog or SD-SDI productions. Like other Compix CG solutions, the CompactCG supports 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios, Windows IME multilanguage settings and TrueType fonts. The CompactCG meets SD-SDI and analog composite NTSC and PAL specifications including SMPTE 170M, SMPTE 259M with embedded audio pass-through, and EIA-608b closed-captioning compatibility.

The new portable CG from Compix is ideal for channel-branding applications, with software options including NewsScroll with RSS, which provides the power of multiple crawls, logos, a real-time clock, live weather updates, ratings, live RSS feeds and more. The optional AutoCast software package allows CompactCG users to generate and automate graphics playlists. Accepting data from external files, databases and live Web-based feeds, the software integrates text and images from active input fields into predefined templates, eliminating the need for a dedicated operator to update automated graphic elements.

Compix offers the new CG in two configurations: CompactCG SD-SDI and CompactCG Analog. The CompactCG SD-SDI is a single-channel system with video and key as well as input video overlay. The CompactCG Analog is a single-channel SD system that provides composite analog broadcast-quality input and output, with video and key, plus internal video overlay. Both configurations can be used with or without a video switcher, and each includes an input video mechanical bypass relay to ensure signal integrity even if power to the unit is lost. To further enhance reliability and longevity, Compix designed the CompactCG with industrial-quality hardware with special attention to cooling.