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CommScope unveils E2O solution for MSOs

CommScope’sE2O (Electrical to Optical) provides multiple system operators (MSOs) a bridge from Hybrid Fiber-Coax (HFC) networks to a fiber-rich network, allowing for rapid deployment of business service offerings.

The E2O solution is combination of the company’s coaxial/fiber product line that can merge its latest microducts and microcables, along with fiber and coaxial cable in one sheath vs. multiple sheaths.

By deploying the E2O solution, operators can quickly serve new business customers using their existing HFC networks. MSOs can install either a conduit for blown fiber and/or a fiber cable for later use when higher-bandwidth services are required. Operators also can deploy fiber to a business park as a standard high-speed data offering and include coaxial cable under the same sheath in case commercial customers later request video delivery.