Com Net’s distributed network uses Latens conditional access

Com Net, an Ohio-based company offering telecommunication services to 16 Independent Local Exchange Companies (ILECs), is now using software-based conditional access (CA) technology by Latens Systems from a centralized system. The Latens FCAS system is optimized for the broadband IPTV market.

Com Net is managing and distributing encrypted content to its affiliates using one centralized FCAS system. Content is encrypted at Com Net’s central headend before being decrypted at each set-top box in the network.

Entitlements in each ILEC network are independently managed by Minerva’s iTVManager platform through its integration with FCAS. The set-up means operators can now individually manage their own customer databases and content offering while having decryption occur at the set-top box.

Managing changes in entitlements through multiple middleware platforms is fairly complex when using one CAS system. Individual middleware frameworks might experience daily customer profiles and content changes by each affiliate. The integration of the FCAS with the iTVManager platform was successful at doing the job.

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