Columbian broadcaster integrates VSN with Avid

Colombian broadcaster RCN has implemented a managed system of content contribution between its branches and headquarters in Bogotá, Colombia.

RCN is relying on VSNIPTRANSFER due to its transparent integration with its news and content production systems. This creates a simple, automatic workflow that accelerates the availability of material and avoids all performance errors.

The forecasts generated in Avid’s i.News get automatically published in the VSNIPTRANSFER server (i.News Sync module). The 10 client nodes, installed in different cities, generate their local content and publish the content to the central server at speeds up to 10 times faster than conventional FTP using encoding H.264 technologies and the VSN-patented UMP transfer acceleration protocol.

The content delivered to Bogotá is transcoded without delay for automatic copy and registration in the RCN Bogotá’s Interplay-Isis system, becoming immediately available for editing.