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CNBC Asia chooses Chyron for on-air graphics

CNBC Asia Pacific has selected Chyron’s CAMIO server, LEX2 graphics systems and iSQ (Intelligent Sequencer) remote monitoring and playout controller for use in its broadcast headquarters in Singapore.

The CAMIO workflow servers are designed to complement CNBC Asia Pacific’s new LEX2 graphics systems for use in producing SD graphics for a wide range of business and financial news programming. Chyron’s iSQ playout application enables the control of independent output channels across multiple devices from a single GUI. CNBC Asia Pacific has also installed two Chyron Lyric PRO graphics software workstations for offline template creation.

In addition, Chyron’s MicroX, a single-channel character generator, and the iSQ application also have been deployed at CNBC Asia Pacific’s Sydney, Australia, bureau, which is directly linked with the CAMIO server at the Singapore HQ.