CloverLeaf Digital, Accedo Broadband deal brings Funspot games to North America

CloverLeaf Digital has signed an agreement with Sweden-based IPTV games specialist Accedo Broadband to distribute Accedo's Funspot games to North American independent telephone companies.

With this agreement, CloverLeaf will now offer two interactive TV services: Accedo's Funspot games and CloverLeaf's own DotDaily localized news and information walled garden. The agreement means independent North American service providers will be able to obtain both interactive games and walled garden services from one local supplier.

CloverLeaf will offer a selection of 15 popular Funspot games, including: Sudoku, Black Jack, and other arcade, casino, strategy and kids games. As with CloverLeaf's DotDaily walled garden, Accedo Broadband's Funspot games are supported by all major middleware platforms distributed in North America.

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