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CloseVU unveils Instant Replay Widget for sports telecasts

CloseVU, a provider of interactive and mobile sports video content, has unveiled its Instant Replay Widget, which facilitates interactive service for the Web and mobile devices. CloseVU Instant Replay Widget provides producers with a fast and easy way to engage sports fans, including features that enable users to log post-game comments and to participate in chats, quizzes and video replays. The technology has been shown to increase online numbers, generate new revenues and improve "stickiness" with an active online community.

Providing timeline navigation functionality, the CloseVU Instant Replay Widget offers a new way to access highlights. As the game is happening live, fans can click on a graphical timeline that almost instantly displays the main events (goals, yellow cards, penalties, etc.) as they occur. Quizzes, polls and chats in sidebar frames enhance the viewer experience.

Highlight clips are instantly generated with one click by a producer using the CloseVU Live production tool. Clips are immediately transcoded and sent to multiple platforms (Web, mobile, Apple iPhone) for viewer access in a matter of seconds. The Instant Replay Widget is based on Adobe Flash and can be integrated onto any Web site with a custom skin.

Leveraging the technology, sponsor signage is easy to create, with lower-third overlays on video replays or advertising added to the interactive chats and quizzes/polls. After the game, replays and interaction can continue, extending the viewing experience and revenue opportunities.

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