Clear-Com unveils first members of HelixNet intercom platform

Clear-Com launched the HelixNet Main Station (HMS-4X) and HelixNet Beltpacks (HBP-2X) at the 2010 NAB Show. The company recently demonstrated the system at AES London.

HelixNet is a unified intercom platform that delivers a new generation of intercom products. It simplifies the setup, management and use of intercom systems often required in today’s multiplatform production workflows.

Based on Clear-Com’s I.V. Core technology, HelixNet breaks down the silos of separate intercoms and allows operators to effortlessly and seamlessly connect and control multiple system connections on a single communications platform.

HelixNet offers flexible and simple cabling and networking. All systems on the platform are designed to work on common, standard cabling, such as microphone cables, Cat 5 and fiber. All HelixNet systems also can connect into a facility on a standard LAN/IT network infrastructure without new wiring.