Clear-Com Adds New Capabilities to HelixNet

ALAMEDA, CALIF.—A pairing of Clear-Com’s HelixNet digital network partyline system with the latest LQ Series IP interfaces boost the system’s capabilities during live performances. Changes to the system include a six-fold increase in I/O ports, direct connections to Agent-IC mobile app, VoIP telephony and binaural functionality in its beltpack.

By connecting LQ devices to the HelixNet Mainstation through an Ethernet module, users can gain up to 24 audio I/O ports assigned to any of the 12 or 24 intercom channels in HelixNet. These additional ports supplement the HelixNet ports for interfacing with two-wire and/or four-wire intercom or audio devices. HelixNet and LQ are linked over LAN and WAM IP networks.

HelixNet users can now also communicate with users on the Agent-IC mobile app over Wi-Fi, as well as users on VoIP phones via SIP connection.

Specifically new to the HelixNet HXII-BP-X5 beltpack is the binaural functionality that enables program feed from one channel to one ear, while the feed from the intercom channel is heard in the other ear.