ChyronHego Showcasing Updated Graphics Tech

ChyronHego Virtual Placement 7.3 (Image credit: ChyronHego)

ChyronHego's spring plans will be to showcase the latest updates to its graphic offerings that cover news, sports and other programming.

Part of ChyronHego’s offerings will include the latest version of its universal graphics platform, PRIME Graphics 3.6. PRIME Graphics provides a single 4K-, HDR-, IP-ready graphics design, authoring and playout platform that can create design packages like lower thirds/news tickers, video walls and interactive touch screens. The show will also serve as the debut of PRIME AR, the augmented reality application of the PRIME Graphics platform.

Updates will also be shown of ChyronHego’s Camio end-to-end content creation, production and playout workflow. Among this is the integration of the re-skinning feature with PRIME’s Style Sheets to create a consistent look. Then there’s the new Camio 4.9 media engine for rapid browsing, fulfilling and importing PRIME Graphics templates directly via MOS plug-in into a compliant nonlinear editor. 

For virtual studio and augmented reality graphics, ChyronHego’s Fresh 1.4 is available, now with full 4K support as well as UE 4.24 features like the 3D plug-in Datasmith. Additional features include support for higher resolutions, more inputs and outputs, a new scripting library and improved web panels.

ChryonHego also plans to highlight a couple of products that boost sports broadcasts, Paint 8.2 and Virtual Placement 7.3. Paint 8.2 is a telestration and analysis tool that now boasts HDR recording for the creation of Illustrated Replays in 1080p and 4K HDR, and new usability features such as auto-save, enhanced timeline functionality and richer editing features. Virtual Place 7.3, meanwhile, added an automatic chroma keyer for using AI to help add virtual graphics to live productions.

For weather broadcasts, the Metacast platform helps with unified content creation across linear and nonlinear productions. Its new features include a new 3D font, built-in HEVC clip encoding and decoding, H.264 clip export and an automation Rest API for the option to use an external automation system to drive Metacast.

Additional technologies from ChryonHego include Click Effects PRIME for venue graphics, a new Chyron Classic Keyboard and new modules of Axis World Graphics.

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