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ChyronHego Rolls Out Prime 2.0 Platform

MELVILLE, N.Y.—ChyronHego’s Channel Box Prime channel branding system has hit the big 2-0, as the company has launched Prime 2.0. The updated platform is a 64-bit, all-software rendering engine behind the Prime Ecosystem, a universal graphics system.

Prime 2.0 leverages GPU and CPU technologies to render graphics and effects. It can output graphics and clips through a single system. Among Prime 2.0’s features is the Prime Designer, a design tool for graphics authoring that provides drag-and-drop workflows for scene construction and data binding. Additional features include Warp Effects technology, auto-follow, mask, render to texture and integration with ChyronHego’s NewsTicker data and content management system.

New with the Prime 2.0 update is Clips Prime, a flexible broadcast clip player that can support up to six independent channels of video from a single server. Clips Prime features dynamic and pre-canned transitions and provides full integration with Camio, ChyronHego’s MOS-based and NRCS-connected graphics asset management system. This makes Prime 2.0 an element of the Camio Universe of technology.

ChyronHego can deliver the Prime Ecosystem either as a series of packages operating together or as stand-alone products.