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Chyron Sails Into IBC With Better Camio

At IBC 2008, Chyron announced a new addition to its Camio line of news graphics management solutions. New Camio Cluster provides two Camio servers, each with mirrored system drives, redundant power supplies, networking ports and dual Fibre Channel ports. The shared RAID6 asset storage array has redundant power supplies and Fibre Channel controller boards. Cluster software monitors status of the system and in the event of a failure, automatically fails over to the back up system to quickly put Camio back on line.

Camio 3.0 enables journalists and producers to create sophisticated graphics from their workstations as they write their scripts. These graphics are automatically sequenced for playout following the edits to the Newsroom Running Order. The 3.0 upgrade supports Axis Graphics, the company's content creation system for broadcasters and new media providers. It lets newsroom users create customised graphics such as maps, stock quotes and over-the-shoulders, with access to image libraries such as AP. They can then schedule them into the running order from their newsroom client.

Camio 3.0 brings an updated Newsroom ActiveX (LUCI) with flexible global and individual settings and an enhanced user experience. Camio 3.0 options include Chyron's Order Management System, a flexible file-based order management solution that can integrate into any workflow; Chyron's iSQ, with control of multiple channels of Chyron graphics, both Lyric-based and XClyps; and CSU, which lets operators to create composited graphics by depositing image files into specific "hotsync" folders.

Also at IBC, Chyron demonstrated its new online portfolio of on-demand graphics. Since the acquisition of Axis Graphics in January 2008, Chyron has fully integrated online's feature set, including AxisNews, FastMaps, FastQuotes, FastCharts and FastWX.