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Chyron Introduces Latest Version of Aprisa Stillstore

Chyron Corp. has introduced Aprisa Stillstore software version 2.2, now including MOS Protocol. With version 2.2 software, newsroom journalists and control room operators will be able to control the Aprisa family of still and video graphic clip servers from within the Avid iNEWS newsroom computer system.

The MOS interface between the Aprisa and iNEWS products improves production-to-air workflow by allowing:

* Drag and drop stills or clips directly into iNEWS stories;
* Media searching and browsing from within the iNEWS system;
* Full screen proofing of stills on iNEWS desktop;
* Still/Clip PlayList or stack creation from any iNEWS workstation;
* Automatic synchronization of iNEWS Rundown and Aprisa 100 PlayList.