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Compix Media Channel Brander

Designed for channel branding, dedicated logo insertion, EAS message generation and automated template-based sports-score generation; accepts static graphic/logo import of TGA, BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIF files, automatically converting images to and from different video resolutions as needed; uses Compix Media's GenCG software; offers 4000 True Type fonts and 300,000 premium quality images.
Booth: SL5105, SL4805


Autoscript LED TFT-Plus monitors

High brightness LED flat screens for all Autoscript prompter systems; include 8-, 12-, 15-, and 17in versions, all of which will feature an illuminated control panel for easy visibility in dark studio conditions; feature improved operational performance, environmentally friendly construction, and a two-year warranty.
203-338 8356;
Booth: C6026