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CELCO features new Firestorm 4K recorder

CELCO showcased the new Firestorm 4K line of Firestorm Digital Motion Picture Recorders at NAB2008.

The Firestorm 4K is well-suited for HD, 2K and 4K acquired productions; digital intermediates (DI); digital trailers; tape-to-film transfers; archive-to-film; and digital film restoration.

The new Firestorm 4K offers faster speed than the previous Firestorm 2X recorder when recording HD, 2K and 4K resolution images onto intermediate film stock.

In addition, CELCO has enhanced the image sharpness and quality of the image output with its latest generation of film imaging technology. The system is powered by CELCO’s new Linux host computer and film recorder driver software, making it easy to integrate into production workflows.

The Firestorm 4K also offers the company’s FilmOut Pro Advanced Film Recording Software. FilmOut Pro is has an intuitive GUI that controls the film recorder. It also includes imaging tools, such as sharpening, degrain, image formatting, resizing and color management functions.

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