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CEI, ShareItMobile bring real-time mobile crowdsourcing and citizen journalism to broadcast industry

Communications Engineering, Inc. (CEI) has partnered with ShareItMobile to bring real-time mobile crowdsourcing and citizen journalism to the broadcast industry.

The ShareItMobile system gives each broadcast property its own branded mobile application and user-generated media website platform. Using smartphones, users can capture and contribute photos, videos and commentary, and submit them directly to their community TV station for instant broadcast on web and mobile.

ShareItMobile can be used to engage audiences with a robust new branded media-sharing experience, automate and streamline the publishing and presentation of large volumes of user-submitted content with configurable role-based publishing permissions, and leverage the viral nature of social media by giving viewers many ways to share user-submitted content that they find interesting.

The system is designed to be quick to launch and easy to manage, and provides a turnkey way for broadcast properties to receive, pre-review, display and repurpose user-submitted content on both mobile and web. There are no IT requirements to support this product, as it is hosted off-site and can expand seamlessly as required.