Cartoni Unveils PTZ Support Products

(Image credit: Cartoni)

ROME—Cartoni is using its experience designing camera support systems to develop products specifically for use with PTZ cameras, which the company says are increasingly being used because of the remote and social distance production needs stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rather than have PTZ cameras installed on ceilings, walls or camera support meant for larger cameras, Cartoni has designed a tripod/dolly, stand and pedestal designed for PTZs.

The PTZ tripod/dolly pairs a lightweight Cartoni tripod with a half-ball camera attachment. The entire setup rests on a lightweight dolly and comes with a mid-level spreader.

Cartoni’s PTZ stand features a telescopic three-stage stand with a PTZ ball joint to mount the PTZ camera. It also is equipped with a quick-release sliding plate and rubber feet that can be used alone or with the dolly.

Then there is the P20 pedestal, which now features a PTZ attachment. With this, PTZ cameras can be used in super high setups, while also having a vertical gliding movement of 40 cm. The pedestal’s 3/8, 1/4-inch camera attachment enables PTZ cameras to be assisted by a teleprompter, Cartoni says.

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