Canons Used for Ad and Indie

Canon's high-def D-cinema lenses are capturing the full spectrum of content these days, from an imaginative animated Reebok ad to a new indie feature.

The commercial, dubbed "Wrapshear," and the indie production, "The Rough Cut," were both created using Canon High Definition Electronic Cinematography, or HD-EC. Wrapshear starts with a Reebok shoe, out of which rises a hand-drawn cityscape that soon morphs around a runner as he moves through it. The spot was shot with Canon HJ21x7.5B KLL-SC and HJ11x4.7B KLL-SC HD-EC lenses on Sony 950s, and it recently received a 2006 Silver Clio Award in the animation category.

"Out of all the lenses I had access to, the Canon HD-EC zooms by far provided the best contrast and immunity to flare, especially in a run-and-gun situation where I didn't have full control of the light," said DP Richard Henkels, who shot the ad.

"The Rough Cut" is a new 24p indie production representing the directorial debut of Walter Biscardi, Jr, who shot the drama with a full set of Canon HD-EC FJs Prime lenses.

"I'm a video editor and producer by trade, so I didn't really realize what a big part of the equation the lens was until I became a director," said Biscardi, head of Biscardi Creative, a digital media production house in Atlanta.

Biscardi and DP Clay Walker shot with a Panasonic Vaircam using a bevy of Canon Primes, ranging from the HD-EC FJs 5 to 55 mm.

"I was able to work in a technically uninhibited way that I had not felt since shooting on a 16 or 35mm format," Walker said.