Canon Debuts New Cinema, Portable Lenses

CJ18ex7.6B KASE S (Image credit: Canon)

MELVILLE, N.Y.—Canon has previewed two new lenses that will be released later in 2020, the Cineo-Servo 25-250mm T2.95-3.95 and the CJ18ex7.6B KASE S lenses.

This new Cineo-Servo lens is specifically designed for use with 4K cameras. It is available in both EF and PL mounts, features 10x optical zoom, a built-in 1.5x extender that allows for a range of 375mm and a removable servo motor drive unit. The lens has ultra-low dispersion glass and a large-diameter aspherical lens, which are meant to help correct color fringing and limit chromatic aberration during operation. The lens also features Canon’s warm color science and an 11-blade aperture.

The EF mount version of the Cineo-Servo 25-250mm lens enables the use of Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF. The PL mount version supports Cooke/iTechnology. There is also a macro function to allow close-up shooting.

Canon has also previewed the CJ18ex7.6B KASE S portable zoom lens, designed for 4K UHD broadcast cameras that have 2/3-inch sensors. The new lens have the same optical specifications of Canon’s CJ18ex7.6B IRSE/IASE, but does not offer an optical extender, giving it a compact and lightweight design.

The CJ18ex7.6B features Canon’s optical design technology, which incorporate materials like fluorite and Ultra-Low Dispersion glass. The lens supports the wide color gamut approved by the ITU-R BT.2020 UHD broadcasting standard and features a zoom range of 7.6-137mm. It also features Canon’s ergonomics and digital servo operational controls. In addition, the CJ18ex7.6B lens is compatible with Canon’s new ZDJ-G01 Zoom Demand and FDJ-G01 Focus Demand accessories.

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Both lenses are expected to be released later in 2020. The Cineo-Servo 25-250mm lens will be priced at $29,999; no price was currently given for the CJ18ex7.6B KASE S.

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