Camera Corps unveils new control unit

A new CCU-5 camera control system from Camera Corps allows easy remote operation of many makes and models of broadcast cameras including those that are not always provided with a CCU by their manufacturer. Each of the five camera-select buttons on the 354mm x 102mm x 60mm controller can be programmed to control different types of cameras. Each camera connects via balanced audio cable to its respective interface module, which delivers power and performs control signal decoding.

A variety of interface modules are available, including versions providing direct motor drives for pan and tilt heads plus smaller units with batteries and RF receivers for ultra-compact camera control over a radio link. Other features include cue/tally light detection, remote switching for blowers and windscreen wash/wipe. Pan, tilt, zoom and focus drives are also provided for various types of pan-and-tilt head and both Fujinon and Canon conferencing or ENG lenses. Remote camera power on/off is also available for some systems.

The CCU-5 panel controls include 12 fixed-operation buttons, two menu selection buttons and four menu-display function adjusters. There are also six variable control knobs. Each make and model of camera allows different functions to be controlled. When switching between different channels, the last displayed menu for each channel is displayed so that frequently used menus for a particular camera type are instantly available. The CCU panel stores all recent settings for each camera channel.

White balance and black balance, if available on the camera, can be performed at the touch of a button. The remote switch button provides a remote contact closure in the interface box to switch various functions. The bars switch sets the camera output to color bars if available. Two menu select buttons allow movement through the various menus for each camera type.

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