Camera Corps to unveil Mini Joystick Control at NAB Show

Camera Corps will launch its new ultra-compact Mini Joystick Control at the 2010 NAB Show in Las Vegas, April 12-15.

The Mini Joystick Control is compatible with all Camera Corps and Egripment pan-and-tilt heads, including the Camera Corps Q-Ball.

Developed for applications such as commentator-camera control and outside-broadcast vehicles, the Mini Joystick Control has the same tactile responsiveness, in terms of adjustable pan, tilt and zoom speeds and reverses, as the company’s full-size controller, said Laurie Frost, company founder and managing director.

The Mini Joystick Control employs the company’s standard audio data communication system to allow unlimited operating distances between the controller and remote heads. The controller supports five channels, each with its own red and green cue/tally light switch. Individual channels can be locked to prevent inadvertent alteration of presets.