Cache-A to debut LTO-6 archiving

Cache-A will debut the first in its new generation of LTO-6 archive appliances at the 2013 HPA Tech Retreat, Feb. 18-22, Indian Wells, CA.

Cache-A appliances safeguard assets and deliver tools and performance for reliable, future-proof archiving. They can be deployed in a wide variety of professional digital media workflows.

Cache-A’s new LTO-6 appliances deliver faster throughput and nearly 70 percent greater storage capacity than LTO-5 appliances. They combine Cache-A’s advanced LTFS capabilities with a simple, Web-based user interface in space-saving desktop and rack-mount form factors.

LTO-6 technology is now available across Cache-A’s flagship Pro-Cache6, high-performance Power-Cache, and flexible Library 24/48 automation systems, with an anticipated release for the desktop Prime-Cache6 appliance around NAB 2013.

LTO-6 cartridges can hold up to 2.5TB of data natively, an increase of 67 percent over LTO-5, which holds 1.5TB natively. LTO-6 drives offer 160MB/s native data transfer rate, whereas LTO-5 drives work at 140MB/s.